Keynote: Improvisation

Entertaining, thought-provoking, and highly engaging, Jon was an inspiration to us all!

 – Patricia Donovan, Principal, Centennial Academy

Jon Wilkerson's signature keynote answers the question: "How can you be your best when you need it the most?" Opportunity often arrives in challenging, unexpected, or unfamiliar circumstances. It is your ability to recognize and grab opportunities, to handle chaos and confusion with confidence and creativity, and to make bold moves and execute them with grace and skill that will determine your success.

These are learnable skills, and Jon will give you all the tools you need to develop and sharpen your ability to be effective in the moment.. By using fun examples, compelling stories, and the latest brain research, Jon shows how you can become more effective at thinking on your feet and acting on your wits. He takes you step-by-step through the improvisational process and the six principles that will make you a master improviser. You will learn ways to practice and perfect your skills in almost any situation.

You’ll know how to channel your inner James Bond and come out on top!

“Jon’s approach nurtures the seed of learning deep-encrusted by layers of insecurity, fosters self-growth, and was a hell-of-a-lot of fun!”

 – Mike Rhodes, Director, CrossRhodes English, Tanabe, Japan

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